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About the Content, Structure & Style Show

Content, Structure & Style is a podcast all about Squarespace. Friends of Squarespace Alan Houser, Brandon Davenport and Josh Braaten discuss tips & tricks, strategies & client stories from Squarespace conquests in this (mostly) bi-weekly podcast.

The world is always looking for a better way to manage their content, to design something new and just be plain awesome. Collectively, we’re here to say - look no further. You’ll love using Squarespace just like we do. That’s what Content, Structure & Style is all about.

The Hosts of the Show

Alan Houser is a web designer, audio/video veteran and the founder of Squareflair, a web design firm focused 100% on Squarespace out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Brandon Davenport is a writer, web designer, video editor and Founder of Okay Geek, a technology publication that's run by editors who write about things they like every day.

Josh Braaten is an Internet marketer, search engine optimization (SEO) practitioner and avid Squarespace blogger from St. Paul, Minnesota.